Milagros Barreto

Milagros Barreto came to MassCOSH in 2013 as an Operation Associate in the office and also as a Worker Center Hot Line Coordinator.  Previous to MassCOSH Milagros has a strong background in Human Resources and because of the involvement on the Worker Center program she developed and interest in helping low wage immigrants workers. Milagros has a thirst for social justice which took her to become the Worker Center Organizer since the beginning of 2015, she became immediately active in developing worker's campaign to ensure the protection of immigrant workers.

Currently in her role as a Worker Center Organizer she helped in the  recovering of  thousands of wages stolen from workers. In addition, Milagros help to design Workers Organizer's campaign, Health and Safety committees and Identify hazards at the workplace.   Milagros has a passion for teaching which she developed while working as an organizing, she teaches workers about their health and safety rights using her facilitation skills in training, she believes that everything begins with knowledge and by knowing your rights. Moreover, Milagros is bilingual (Spanish/English), and has a Bachelors in Business Management , OSHA 10 certification card. She is a big believer of women's leadership at workplace and that's the main reason why she became involve with WILD- Women's Institute Leadership Development as their Board Member. Milagros also represents MassCOSH at the National Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health ( NCOSH )as one of their Board Members. Milagros is also a member of United Steel Workers (USW Local 9358).