What is MassCOSH doing to support our constituents and allies?

MassCOSH is able to provide tailored training for workers on infectious disease control. We have provided this training already to 44 airport workers in late February. If you are interested in training and/or technical support, email Ben Weilerstein at ben.w@masscosh.org

We know that low-income people, people of color, immigrants, low wage workers, those who are food insecure, people experiencing homelessness, and older persons, among others, will be hardest hit by the virus and the economic repercussions. This is an equity issue for these populations, and it represents a public health preparedness issue for the entire population. Below is an article on the impact of unfair sick time policies on workers during this epidemic which MassCOSH facilitated: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2020/03/10/nation/workers-time-coronavirus-troubling-choice-work-sick-or-lose-pay/?fbclid=IwAR278Yvj7yHRZ8F9AY-Cc0wc0n1mkTZIxQ8Xl-c7eM0YKDQm8eInA0KTVxk

The New England Consortium (TNEC) is also able to provide this training and we should refer any potential partner that has the resources to pay for training to TNEC. For more information, call 978-934-3296 or email David Coffey at David_Coffey@uml.edu. TNEC training topics include:

1. Types of Infectious Disease Hazards On-The-Job

2. Infectious Disease and Pathogen Safety

3. Prevention and OSHA Requirements

4. Post-Exposure Practices

5. Emerging Threats & Diseases

6. Hazard Assessment and Controls

7. Personal Protective Equipment

8. Decontamination