Elissa Cadillic

Elissa embodies all the qualities of a skilled labor leader. She has held various offices on the Executive Board of AFSCME Local 1526 and for the last 14 years has worked tirelessly to educate their members.  As President, Elissa endeavors to keep members safe while working  under less than ideal conditions.They deal with a vast assortment of unsafe conditions and her work in this area is critical because most municipal workers are unaware that “work safe” rules apply to them.

Mold, scaffolding, heavy lifting, moving equipment and understaffed facilities’ departments are just a few of the issues affecting members that Elissa and our Health & Safety Committee are working on with Library and City Officials.  Elissa brings a positive energy to the MassCOSH Board of Directors with her commitment to making worker safety the top priority it needs to be in the workplace.